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The Secret of Crystal Mountain

-Coming to Steam (PC / Mac) and Nintendo Switch
-Scheduled release is currently late 2025 but is subject to change


The Secret of Crystal Mountain is a Platforming RPG and 3D “Metroidvania,” but effectively exists in a strange new genre of its own. Crystal Mountain takes inspiration from classic platformers and RPGs, combining many elements from these games with a “wholesome” or “cozy” take on the mechanics. The world creates a strong sense of exploration as the player travels through the island to find interesting items, puzzles and platforming challenges.

Crystal Mountain is mainly a game about exploring and uncovering secrets. The world is a large puzzle-box wherein the player finds various items that help them solve puzzles and reach new areas. The types of gameplay vary between areas, with some having platforming challenges, some having little quests for the local villagers, and others having puzzles involving an item that you currently have, or even something that you’ll need to come back to later. Figuring out how the world works, uncovering secret mechanics you didn’t know where there, and solving the puzzle of the world itself, is the main reward for playing.

There has been a trend recently for certain people toward games that anyone can play – puzzlers, walking simulators, etc. We believe that these people still want bigger stories, interesting mechanics and deeper games – they just don’t want to deal with difficulty, and they want games that are lite and cozy. Crystal Mountain is a step in that evolution, providing a deeper experience that is accessible to everyone in a cozy and beautiful world. Concepts like player health and dying are replaced with soft fail-states for a breezy, flowing experience. The game is designed to give people the experience of a platformer and RPG while ensuring it’s something they can play and truly enjoy, including accounting for various disabilities.

It is being developed by Revolutron, a small team in a new start-up based in western North Carolina, USA, founded by former AAA developer Chris Rosenthal.

Short description:

Adventure through a land full of mystery and wonder in The Secret of Crystal Mountain, a platforming RPG game about a delivery fox making his way through a magical world.

Long description:

Crystal Mountain Isle was once the biggest exporter of magic crystals; providing crystals to witches and wizards all over the world for generations – but then one day its exports suddenly stopped. The island has been shrouded in mystery ever since.

Now stranded on the island, you explore, get to know its residents and uncover its secrets. Run around, swim, climb, glide, discover magical items and use the unique abilities of your bird friend to explore the island.

The whole island is a puzzle-box. As you explore, you’ll find items that help you both reach new places and solve puzzles, revealing the great mystery of what happened here. Can you unravel the secret of Crystal Mountain?


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