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Short description:

Adventure through a land full of mystery and wonder in The Secret of Crystal Mountain, a platforming RPG game about a delivery fox making his way through a magical world.

Long description:

Crystal Mountain Isle was once the biggest exporter of magic crystals; providing crystals to witches and wizards all over the world for generations – but then one day its exports suddenly stopped. The island has been shrouded in mystery ever since.

Now stranded on the mysterious island, you explore, get to know its residents and uncover its magical secrets. Run around, swim, climb, glide and use the unique abilities of your little bird friend to explore the island and reach the mountain’s peak.

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The Secret of Crystal Mountain is a “wholesome” or “cozy” take on platformers and RPGs, combining many elements from these genres but without fail-states, enemies or combat mechanics. It is being developed by Revolutron LLC, a new start-up based in western North Carolina, USA.

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